You there?

The story of You there? Is a typical boy meets girl love story but with the twist of them not actually meeting. Like any modern day way to meet people, through technology in this digital age, You there? Directed by Stanley Brode is clever, well-performed identity swap short film about Brad who is a less than confident, insecure man in search for his other half. Brad meets Annie online, and they hit it off pretty well. The only issue that stands between them is that he has catfished her by using his roommate’s handsome pictures instead of his. Viewers are then exposed to the many comical hijinks that ensue.

Behind the film You there?


The film does a sterling job at capturing the world of online dating and highlights many other everyday issues. The digital playground hides realism with snark, wit, and anonymity. The easy part is being hidden behind a screen and keyboard so one can become superficial while the human interaction and connection between two people is extremely hard to deal with. Many viewers will be able to relate to this film from their own experiences with online dating, perhaps those memories will be fond, and perhaps they will be dreadful. You there?

Strikes a very real cord

Brode really captures the realism of how online interactions take place between to people in a humorous opening scene. The short is filled with great one-liners delivered expertly from some fine comedic actors. The film delivers many real times issues in the dating world such as catfishing, appearance, self-confidence, truthfulness, friendship and so much more. The role played by Neal Bledsoe’s is especially well done in content and delivery.

The Director – Stanley Brode


Stanley Brode has directed and produced many films including Maggie Black and You there? the end fights you’ve had and much more. Brode has also done some acting in his films and on others. He as has many experiences and opportunities with his talents and skills shinning through especially on this film. He has a BA degree from UCSD and won Bronowski Award upon graduating.

Summary of You there?

The conclusion of the film really points towards how life does not end situations in pretty bows and ribbons. People need to be accepting of themselves just as they are or what is received is may not be pleasant. The end of the film offers viewers the low-key reality check of how the world actually works. The use of technology is everyday life is how people function in relationships, but when coming face to face with each other, they are complete strangers. Emotions are spoken through a keyboard which makes people afraid to be themselves.