The Purge: The Morning After


The film is a comedic squeal to the horror film “the purge” where a single night once a year, any crime is considered legal. Johnny Ray Gill has the magic touch to create satirical short from a horror film where confronting co-workers on the horrific acts committed the night before can be darkly comedic.

The Short The Purge: The Morning After

Gill is the Co-Writer/Producer/Director of The Purge: The Morning After but also plays the role of Elmer. He plays the role of a displeased employee at the Peebody Nursery who decided to challenge his co-workers.


Daniel, who is played by Daniel Rubiano, the film’s co-writer – is about the recording of a horrendous crime that occurs the previous evening. Elmer complains that some stuffed a dirty G-string into his mouth and then preceded to kill his family.

Gill and his friends were joking about the concept after watching the purge at the cinema. The joke was around if there was a failed attempt to kill someone you worked with and the fact you then had to work with them after, how awkward that would be considering they had attempted to murder you. Rubiano and Gill then conceptualized the short film, which was funded by both, and shot at a nursery on loan.

The Director – Johnny Ray Gill

Johnny Ray Gill is an actor, writer, and director that was born in America. This young director brings his talent and difference to the screen. The comedic appearance in this film is portrayed well the dialogue and acting. The dry humor is delivered to the audience by the actors in a light-hearted way that does not become too serious although the topic of discussion is quite serious.


The film boasts some well-timed guitar licks on the suitable mockumentary style photography, The Purge: The Morning After is one of those comedic films that is rare and does not go overboard. The 5 and a half minute film is a great piece as Gill displays his talent for comedy and timing. The awkward pauses, hesitant glances, and hilarious one-liners are ripe in this film. Not only do viewers get to enjoy all that but also absurd layers as well as black comedy, and workplace irritations packed nicely together with the help of supporting cast member Joy Randolph – Da-vine.