Set No Path


Set No Path is a story soaked in moments that will force the viewer to relive their most valued time in their lives. Youthful summers spent with friends creating memories is a universal language that very person from every walk of life understands. This film will throw any viewer into the pool of memories deep with young love, the feeling of ambition and the excitement of future life beyond the borders of a small town. The poetic narrative combined with teenage nostalgia will fill the screen and create a feeling of deep happiness.

The Movie

Five friends, Sam, Owen, Taylor, and Carly whose lives are about to change. They are all about to embark on different journeys and it’s their last day of summer to send together. The five friends decide to take a trip to a lakeside cottage and spend the night to try to spend as much time together as possible. This is a night they will not forget for their many years to come as many secrets are waiting to be revealed, feelings that lay beneath the surface maybe be spoken and true friendships will be tested.


The Director – Brooks Reynolds

Brooks Reynolds who shot, produced and edited the short film himself drew his inspiration from The Story So Far and La Dispute songs. Reynolds created his story with the visuals of the location and the mood in mind first then allowing the characters and motivations to fall into place.

Reynolds was a professional photographer and his eye for detail comes through in every shot of this film with the blend of Super 8 and RED footage film, frames the young adults as both naïve kids and music video stars with the flare guns and sparklers. They are oblivious to the realities of the world that is waiting for them. The film was shot with a small team just north of Toronto where they spent most of their time camping out at the location, canoeing together in the mornings before filming everything at night. This allowed everyone to form bonds of friendship naturally instead of rehearsed. Reynolds, very cleverly, handed Super 8 cameras to the cast for flashback scenes, letting them film themselves bringing a level of authenticity to the screen and their relationships.

Summary of the Film

The film Set No Path is both realistically heart-breaking and unapologetically sentimental. This film will stay with its viewers creating an emotional connection with the characters on the screen daring them not to tear up. A montage ends off the film with a mixture of footage displaying the characters past, futures and their present. Reynolds once again solidifies his talent in the short film industry and makes his films a pleasure to watch and enjoy.