S is for Bird


In the mood for something sweet? Matt Sadowski’s S for Bird is a that most of its viewers will relate to in this meet-cute film focused on an unhappy employee at the knockoff of Chuck E Cheese and its absolutely cute pint-sized customers.

The Plot for S is for Bird

The film focuses on the young Chloe who is just a kid who does not have that know it all attitude. She is a just a person who is in need of some company and a good friend. The Bird who is our protagonist has a simple character but one that is relatable and in their friendship humor, heart and authenticity can be found. Sadowski made sure that he took the tired cliché and turned into to something extremely enjoyable.


The film takes place inside a depressing family fun center which creates irony in the character of the setting. Viewers will be able to taste the bad flavored pizza and stale popcorn with horror scenes of dried puke, flooded ball pits and where all the adult dreams go to die. The setting itself creates humor in the film together with the small hope that love and friendship can be found even in the strangest of places.

The Director Matt Sadowski

Matt Sadowski is very familiar with the film world with his reputation as a writer and director. He has been in a number of played festivals with his writing and directing but is also quite known for his acting skills as Bridge Carson in the 13th season of the Power Rangers as the Green Ranger. Sadowski is busy with a new feature called, Pretend We’re Kissing. A 75-minute documentary staring Sadowski called “don’t you forget about me,” rights held by Canada Alliance worldwide which is centered on the late john Hughes. This document will be directed and starred by Sadowski who has now changed his surname is Austin. The doc will chronicle the road trip through Illinois where they will attempt to track down Hughes.

Summary of S for Bird

The film S for Bird seems quite fitting for a favored kid’s television star who would make a film about work at a children’s center work. Sadowski shows his talents with a witty film that has a very sweet narrative voice. The film was funded by the National Screen Institute. This film is a must-see for anyone who wants a big dose of reality. It displays the importance of people and having company in life. Moving through your days without at least one person to share it with will tear you apart.