Modern Era in Short films


There are a few animated shorts that continue on the mainstream commercial circuit. Pixar is one of the examples where they screen short films along with each of their feature films with its initial run since 1995. In 2005 Disney acquired a Pixar, they also started producing short films since 2007 starting with the Goofy short – how to hook up your home theater and then produced live action series of the Muppets for Youtube as videos to endorse the 2011 movie.

A short sequel is often produced by DreamWorks Amination which includes special edition video releases of major features. These are usually a good enough length to be broadcast as a TV special. Warner Brothers have a considerable liberty of short films and include a few in DVD releases for the classic WB movies. Looney Tunes films were released in 2010 and 2012 before family films. Short films are sometimes used as a filler when a full-length film does not fit into the standard schedule. The first television channel dedicated to short films was ShortsTV.

Where to find Short Films


The short film industry usually relies on festival exhibition to reach the desired audience. The films can be shown on apps/sites like Youtube, and Vimeo which encourage people to upload to them. These sites have attracted large viewership and a massive following. In February and March of each year in the UK, US and Mexico the Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures host a release of short films that were nominated for Academy Awards.

Budgets of Short Films

Typically, new filmmakers use short films to start their careers however professional actors and crew use them as a way to express themselves. The industry is becoming more popular as the equipment is cheaper and more accessible. The low-cost software available is capable of doing great edits, post-production work as well as DVD authoring.
Short films have lower production costs which mean they can cover different subject material as opposed to the higher budget films. Pixilation or narratives without dialogue are unconventional methods of film techniques and are most used in short films.

Tropfest Festival


Tropfest is the largest short film festival originating in 1993, takes place in Australia, Arabia, and the US. This festival is credited as being responsible for the popularity of the short film industry today.

Short Shorts

Short shorts are in a category of their own. There are a few organizations that host and award this type of films according to their length. They are largely popular due to their entertainment value. In Paris, the International Festival of Very Shorts is based on movies less than three minutes long. Filminute which is a one-minute film festival promoted an assortment of one-minute films across many media platforms since September 2006. also catalogs films below five minutes.

Popular Culture

In some countries such as Canada have a magazine program on television that shows short films from the country. The show is called Short Film Face Off. In Indonesia, there is an organization that focuses on short films distribution. They hold a monthly screening as well as annual programs and events for the public. Minikino is building networks in Indonesia, South East Asia, Bali, and Internationally.