Let’s Play Nomad X


The short film Lets Play Nomad X takes it cue from combining a classic story with new technology. A comedic story about a lost love is narrated event over a video game. The director Kristian Andrews intertwines two stories together making both the game and the narrative more interesting as both seem to highlight at the same. Just as Patrick gets to the crux of his story where he recounts his ex-girlfriend’s husband punching him in the throat an ambush takes place in the game. The dry story telling of a real-life event that took place is spiced up by the theatrical events during the game. It’s a really fun ride while learning some great moves for the game.

What inspired the story of Nomad X?

Andrews says the film was inspired when he was at home one night and his girlfriend walked in on him scanning the surface of a planet for deposits of minerals. This made him realize that he should make a movie and stop wasting his life. Andrews relies heavily on real experiences from people to make his films.

The Film


Andrews explained that the details for the movie are a mixture of high school crushes, bits, and pieces of his own relationship as well as parts of his grandparent’s divorce. The theme is the film, and the video game look is inspired by David Brahen’s game, Frontier Elite from the 90’s. The game was remade and funded by crowdfunding while Andrews was filming Let’s Play Normad X. The development of the game alongside the film was fascinating to Andrews. With the world of graphics at the crew’s fingertips, Andrews decided to rather restrict the graphics and related this to a gift received from his uncle. The gift was a huge amount of video games, and when loading this games, it gave the sensation of not knowing what is next. Thankfully Syndicate, D-generation, Flashback, Monkey Island, Legend, Desert Strike and 4D Sports Boxing all worked and fed into the film.

About the Director

Andrews would love to create a trilogy of Nomad X as there are many great space stories that are left to still be told. There is still so much more of Patrick with this whole game library that is waiting to be explored. He is also working on a new film named band that he started in a monastery in France last year. the film’s theme will be on literature containing self-help seduction.

Andrews loved creating short films and wanted to keep doing that until he dies. He loved working with collaborators like Rasmus Hardiker. The sound, design, and music were produced by David Kamp and his old friend Iain Guilespie helped with the video games. He loves and hates video games himself because they appeal to the creative and inquisitive mind. The realization of how much he loved making the game and the film was an eye opener for Andrews and where his life is headed in the future.