Introduction to Short films


Short films have a bond with people since the time moving images first appeared in the 1890’s. The industry has completely changed and evolved since then so what drives people to still create and watch these kinds of movies? Most people ask why I should worry about shorts when full-length features are available and enjoyable. There are many great things about shorts, some that you may not even have something taken notice of.

The advantages of Making Short Films


The most first and most obvious answer is the budget. Not every director has a large production company that is funding the making of their films, so in order to make those films, directors often make films that are not full length. This is in part due to not being able to afford the number of crews needed to make large film productions.
There are no deadlines as directors work for independently and have the luxury of taking as long as they want with their films and can choose to release it at a time that suit them.

The internet

Today Short films can be enjoyed at anywhere and at any time. They are quite popular as they usually have a beginning, middle and end in the span of 10 minutes or less for the world fast pace lifestyle. The shorts often strip away all the nonsense that fills a longer movie and sticks to the fundamentals and gets the point. People are tending to love that more in this day and age. There is no denying that the internet has made it easier for people to have access to short films and for talented to get noticed.

What are the films about?


There are many fantastic films out there, some amateur and some professional. The professional films have well thought out scripts and direction with great entertainment value as well as provoking issues that could ensue debates. The genres and themes used are pretty similar in shorts but with some, directors get away with a little bit more. The greatest short films are used as inspiration by other aspiring directors, and some work is either modeled against those films or something completely out of the box is produced.

Film Festivals

Some of the best films compete against each other at film festivals for prestigious awards. Some of the best directors hope to get enough recognition and offer from production companies to make feature length films.


The exciting thing about shorts is the not knowing. Most famous directors on feature length films are well known and have a style, so the audience knows that kind of movie to expect. Short are like a lucky packet. You don’t know that you getting, who the director is, who the actors are or if you will even like the film. You just got to watch and find out.