I am Tom Moody


Ainslie Henderson, writer/director, takes viewers on an emotional journey into the mind of a musician who conflicts internally. I am Tom Moody is the tale of an amateur entertainer who bravely takes the stage at an open mic night at the local pub called Egg and Sparrow. This film focuses on how things that people are scared of in the lives stop them from doing what they really want.

About the Film


The film transports the viewer into the mind of this struggling musician as he fights with the internal feelings of self-doubt and anxiety as a debate ensues between two voices in Tom’s head. The journey started with looking back into his past at the moment’s that caused his unease before coming back to the present where the performer is unraveling at the seems. Tom has some important decisions to make, like does he give into his fears and battle past them. The directors’ own admission of self-doubt through the production with the background music, it is not hard to see why the film is personal to the director.

The film was created for Henderson’s graduation from the University of Edinburgh. He admits that prefers stop motion films as he finds the magic in them and the format is very well linked to the story of I am Tom Moody. While the technique in this short is great, the story and script are where all the greatness happens. The film is both touching and funny which will rapidly engulf the audience that feels everything Tom feels while interpreting the snappy dialogue and great plot. The audience is firmly placed in the mind space of the hero as his mind runs wild, the feeling of claustrophobia takes over, and the dizzying effects sufferers will surely understand.


Henderson called in on old friendship to secure the voice over of Tom in his old friend Mackenzie Crook and Crooks son to play Tom Young. Crook brings the right sense of insecurity and stuttering to the film with his voice over that give realism to the charter while Crook junior brings the right sense of childish uncertainty to the character with the rawness of a believable juvenile. Henderson struck gold with this masterstroke and his relationship with people who made his film come alive.

The Director

Henderson is really comfortable with the context he chooses to work in with regards to his film and truly makes a success from everything he touches. He is currently working on a new film with Will Anderson called Monkey Love Experiments which also combined is stop-motion medium with live-action. The filmmaker has described the film as dark and sad with twisted humor.

Henderson picked up a BAFTA New talent award in 2012 due to the film “It’s about Spending time together” and he wowed the world with the Best Short Animation in 2013 for The Making of Longbird. He is a regular at the UK’s biggest film awards due to talented films.