Human Revolution – Deus


Fans from the online world were excited fit the release of this film since 2012. Based on the Deus Ex video games, Writer/Director/Actor Moe Charif shook the audience with this extremely impressive piece. Creating a film from a widely popular video often is loved by those who just want to enjoy a good storyline.

The Story of Human Revolution – Deus

This film takes a look into a cyberpunk future where human growth is exponential and corporate power is taking over the government. Charif plays the lead actor Adam Jensen in the film, a high-rank security consultant who is searching for his ex that has been kidnapped. The motivations for the kidnapping are a bit vague, but the action scenes are packed with excitement coupled with an excellent editing style. The film was released on Machinima’s Youtube channel and also features VFX from Mauro Rondan.


The film Human Revolution – Deus

Critics have widely acclaimed this film as a great expression of the Machinima brand and is believed to be the type of work to get Charif on an exclusive web series gig such as Kevin Tacharoen’s Mortal Kombat. The result of the film Human Revolution – Deus comes off as polished in its acting, in the fight choreography, in the production design and the VFX design. Like any action packed film, the blood gets pumping, and the excitement starts shouting for the hero to find the girl.

The Director of Human Revolution – Deus


Charif has always been interested, from the age of seven, in good stories. He read anything he could get his hands on including mystery, fantasy, and great adventure comic books. When his horizons broadened, his love spread to movies and television as his favorite characters burst to life. Charif then set out after his dreams were realized into film-making. If this is what fans can expect from Charif’s future pieces, all will be waiting with baited breath for all upcoming films. In the interim, fans can enjoy this sweet fix filled/ with fantastic sci-fi.

Summary of the Film Human Revolution – Deus

Movies based on video games are becoming increasingly popular in the world, and this film is popular not only because of its based on a game but it’s also very well shot and directed. The performances of the characters are memorable and the storyline is very different and interesting. This rise of these issues in the world are a concern to all, when the government gets too much power, what happens to everyone else? What will the future be like? Will we look and act the same? Sci-fi expedition is ready and waiting to launch. How will this end? Human Revolution – Deus is just the beginning.