Grey Bell Short Film

Grey Bull is an Australian made short film that was directed by Eddy Bell. The story follows the life of an immigrant, featuring the enchanting performance by Mayik Deng, and this struggles with adapting to his new Australian life. The film takes on a different refreshing perspective by presenting Martin’s story from a positive point of view. The South Sudanese Refugee viewpoint captures the audience and places them in his shoes throughout his cultural journey.



Fundamentally the film is based on leaving the past behind you and moving forward in the future but does force people to ask some serious and important questions around immigration. This topic spreads across the world in many different countries as either a big concern or a haven for people whose countries are dealing with civil war or severe poverty. The audience certainly gets to experience the other side of this life with no stereotype and no judgment.

Inspiration for the Film

Bell’s looked to Ned Kelly for inspiration on this film. Ned Kelly was a newcomer to Australia from Ireland and went down in their history books as a bush ranger that was persecuted for being an Irish immigrant in the 1800’s. While Bell was a student in Melbourne, he noticed the newest immigrants in the country were the South Sudanese and started researching all he could about them. The film, Grey Bull, started taking shape but the more he spoke to the Sudanese families during the interview process, the more substance the film had.

About Eddy Bell


Eddy Bell is the winner of the Cannes Lion Young Director and the Australian Directors Guild awards, and it is not difficult to see why with the great production works in this film. The most captivating parts of the film is in the power of the story as well as the performances of the actors. Bell’s has a great eye and ear in producing some well-filmed pieces. The audience should definitely be on the look out for any other films in the pipeline from Bell. Bell is definitely an extremely talented director with a keen eye for detail and realism. He does his homework on a topic that is close to him to shot accurately and with passion.

Summary of the Film

This story really touches some actual real everyday issues. People have a stereotype and stigma about immigrants and what this film does is address that issue and humanizes the people into every day struggling to survive people. Human nature should take over, and there should be want to help and assist with how difficult the lives of families are who are trying to survive in a new place. Bell’s really done a great job at bringing this through in the film. He used inspiration from other areas, together with facts of everyday life to bring this film into the public eye. Grey bell is a film that everyone should watch.