Flo – The Movie


Riley Hooper, director of Flo, has given a brilliant piece to the world and has found Flo Fox, a photographer who is no longer able to see, is also wheelchair bound and is unfortunately crippled by a disease.

The Story of Flo

Flo is not some sad story which is a tearful reminder of a person who was once vibrant and now is withering away in despair. Flo will surprise viewers in the films 9 minutes with her unique personality. She shocks all with her wit, sharpness and firecracker character which is supported by her dirty sense of humor. The journey of Flo takes viewers roaming the streets of New York searching for interesting subjects and capturing moments with pleasure. Flo is not able to hold a camera herself, but this has not stopped her from pushing forward and instructs her aides to assist her during her journey. With each and every picture she seems to be rallying against the negativity in the world. For her, this is a simple and subtle victory for an amazingly stubborn presence in the ebb of opposition. Keep your eyes open world as Flo has not stopped moving!

How was the film shot?


A great documentary has many great factors which have to do with the films craft as well as the subject itself. Director Hooper does think out of the box with this film and instead of doing the standard interview set up he takes the viewer on Flo’s journeys. The crew was on the ground with her roaming the city of Manhattan as hunters would searching for their artistic prey. The film’s approach was brilliant and yet low budget. Riley Hooper achieved this by attaching a tripod to Flo’s Wheelchair using cords from bungee while walking backward down the street as Flo captured her shots while simultaneously trying not to bump anyone. The feel of this film is very DIY yet special and visually appealing.

The Director

Hooper is an accomplished person who is the content & community manager at the company Vimeo. She shot, edited, directed as well as produced the entire film by herself. Her film made it to many of the festivals around the country grabbing a few accolades along the way. Hooper has not sat still and finished another short doc on the world’s longest yard sale. This film is already rumored to be ready for the festival run. Hooper is a documentary director that lives and is based in New York.

Summary of the Film

Hooper wanted to ensure that the story of Flo was told, but in a way that was complete in the character of who Flo is. The films ‘day in the life’ feel does not want people to feel pity or sorrow for this spirit but hope that it inspires. No matter the situation or how bad things can get, always move forward as there is still a lot to be grateful for. There is still beauty in the world and it needs to be photographed.