Falling Floyd


Anikey’s Dutch animation studio created a wonderfully impressive short Falling Floyd. This dark comedy with its traditional aesthetics of animation is dialogue-free that takes viewers through the moments of depression with a street musician whose heart is broken and a demon tour guide who is extremely emotional. Paco Vink and Albert ‘t Hooft’s creation is magnificent and highly enjoyable.

The film

Floyd was a happy musician who had everything he wanted in life. He decided to propose to his girlfriend, and this does not go too well. Thereafter he finds himself sinking and having to resort to waiting on tables as he spent all his save money on an engagement ring. Floyd has sunk to new lows and continued to decline into depression with a demon on his shoulder. The concepts of inner demons and melancholy are not new to the fiction film world, but this film and its producers take great care in visually displaying the stages of depression in such a brief time.


The message of the film maybe a bit hard for some people to swallow but it is important for people to understand the realness of the situation in front of them. Many people will be able to relate to the desperate feeling of loneliness and despair of the main character during his journey. The scene transitions are excellent which also made the film very inventive but also developed the story.

How was the film made?

This story of Floyd was one that did not just fall into place but was a merger of different stories and ideas that involved a man fighting his demons with a tale of depression. The story took a long time to develop, and the crew hit a few delays waiting for everything to fall into place. Floyd only became a musician toward the end of the process, and then the film fell into place. The story was re-written and finally completed. The film making duo, while focusing on Floyd also worked on a few other projects such as Trippel Trappel and produced some commercial projects. Therefore, Floyd took 14 months to complete.

Summary of the film

The pairs attention to detail is what sets them apart from other directors in this field. Their techniques of combining 3D and 2D animations creating the unmistakable style of this short. The stunning design of the characters and the background with the consideration to the colors and the use of transitions makes this film one that needs to be watched time and time again. This allows viewers to really appreciate all the aspects of the production. The visual are so strong that the film works so well being dialogue-free. Viewers always want something different and edgy that is relatable and this film does exactly that. It touches on real issues and real like scenarios adding humor in where possible. This film will stand the test of time and be loved by many who will watch it time and time again.