Pablo Larcuen’s Elefante tells the tale of an isolated loner in a first person voiceover. This shot film looks deep into the dark territory of Franz Kafka’s metamorphosis, unlike Larcuen’s previous film Mi Amigo’s Invisible which also told the tale of a loner but with 80’s pop culture references to emphasize his coming of age tale.

The Story of Elefante

Manuel’s like is so ordinary and unremarkable that he is always miserable in his day to day movement. He does not like his friend Sergio and feels completely unloved by his wife and him most of all hates his job. Something unexpected happens when he goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with a mysterious disease. This disease will eventually turn him into an elephant, and so his life is dramatically changed from that moment on.


The Plot of Elefante

Larcuen well knows for mixing emotions in his films, and this short is no different. Elefante is riddled with heartfelt emotion and ridiculous humor throughout, after all, there is a man who is turning into an elephant. Manual’s sense of rejection and isolation is emphasized greatly in the film. The stunning special effects in Elefante is of great quality which highlights Manuel’s exclusion from a normal life. Not only does the film’s dialogue and storyline bring the viewer closer to the deeper meaning if what Larcuen is trying to achieve but the mournful soundtrack ensures that the transformation of the strange character is not taken lightly.

The Director – Pablo Larcuen


Pablo Larcuen is a writer, director, and actor that was directed Elefante, My invisible friend, and Elfante. He has won the award for Best narrative short for Mi Amigo invisible and the Grand Prize of European Fantasy Short Film. This young and dynamic director has brought his flair and talent to his films and has done extremely well. The world looks forward to what he produces next.

Summary of the Film

There are many moments of humour throughout the film, but the conclusion of this sad comedy will bring a few dry eyes to tears. This demonstrates Larcuen’s writing style and the range he has. Elefante was Larcuens graduation film from the ESCAC, and he won the Best Short Film at Sitges Film Festival. Larcuen’s has a new project under his wing, an English horror film titled Hook Up. It is known as the first feature film to be entirely shot on an iPhone.