Dark Noir


The short film Dark Noir was created by Rafael Grampa that is a Brazilian comic book artist and the Absolut Facebook fans across the world. This short film takes its viewers into the underworld of Vincent Black – private eye – as he tried to recover the lost creativity of an artist. The film combines a strong visual style that includes an approach to novel storytelling. The viewers take a journey of discovery where each step is helped with the narrative form from the social media fans of the alcoholic drink company.


About the Movie

The main character was hired by an elderly stranger in need of help to search for answers means the investigator finds himself provoking a dark spirit called Loneliness and another called Madaleana Proud who is a dancer that was able to remain young by sucking all the power of the daemons. Seeking revenge for his creatively incapable client, Black has to discover is own lost ideas only to end up uncovering a lot more about his own dark past and entrance into life.

Making of the Film

This unique film invited people to dig deep into their own creative imaginations and help to structure the dialogue and narrative over a three-week run. The Absolut social media team and Grampa encouraged everyone who followed the story to join in on the production process and make some important decisions in the plot of Dark Noir. The director quick expedition into the world of short films was his comic book drawings were turned into 2D and 3D animations by the very talented Red Knuckles studio.


The Director

Rafael Grampa was a rising star in the comic world and left it all behind to become a director. 2016 he hopes to be able to do both directing and his comics. He has directed a few short films but is in the process of mapping and directing his first full-length feature film. His talent is boundless, and he wants to do it all. He will find a balance between comic book and films. He sees himself as a storyteller whether, through comic, short films or full-length films, he just wants to tell stories. He was thinking about film and comics right at the beginning of his career and wanted to do both at that time.

Summary of Dark Noir

the director explained in his making of video that the short film was not about his art but also about using the platform to empower everyone’s creativity while the film itself is a strong piece on its own. The production process is the part that will stir up the most debate as it allows who look to the world of filmmaking and visual storytelling to become more involved in the process. This film also reminds people that crowdsourcing is not just about raising funds. Make sure you see this film all online fanatics and those who are not.