Captivus – The Movie


Viewers will definitely relate it this film associating it to a moment of the own ‘caught in the act’ moments. Perhaps landed in some questionable situations and needed to do a lot of sweet-talking to get out of it. Sometimes the evidence is right in front of you, or in this stuck to you, and there is no way to explain other than just being completely honest. No on can hide under the bed and wish it away, and it is supposed that that is what separates adults from teenagers.

The Movie Captivus

In this film, Hannah accidently walks in on her girlfriend, Kate in a passionate embrace with Kate’s ex-husband. Hannah then storms off into another room unable to believe the sight she witnessed. Kate is carried by her ex-husband into the next room where Hannah is to try and stop her from leaving where Kate reveals they are actually stuck together and can not get free. Hannah is the only one that can help them.


Simonee Chichester, writer, and director of the film prevents viewers with this unfortunate situation that is both medically accurate and emotionally insightful. The film takes the unbelievable and makes it a surprising reality. Simonee finds the balance in maintaining the awkward tension of the film without going for the easy laugh while still maintaining comedy and drama. The situation places all characters in a conundrum that is only resolved through both truth and honesty which is most certainly the only way to get them out of it. The film highlights and suggests at their collective problems which had deterred the predicament from happening in the first place before everyone made mistakes.

Inspiration for the film

At the Canadian Film center, a co-writer of Simonee’s – Dane Clark – pitched the crazy idea. Simonee was truly inspired by the ludicrous situation but thought it would be a great idea to challenge themselves further by making the film both emotional and moving with a splash of comedic relief thrown in. The results are the sensational film Captivus.

The Director

Chichester was once an aspiring actress who made the move to directing with the debut film called Chichester’s Choice. The story was about Simonee searching and eventually finding her homeless father in Sao Paulo in Brazil. He lived there for nearly 25 years. The film was an audience success making the film at its premiere in 2007 at the Hot Docs festival. It was placed in the Audience top 10. This started the young director’s career.

Summary of the Film

Capitus is a real life story film that will touch the lives of anyone in one way or another. The message of the film is to deal with any situation, no matter how awkward with honesty and to learn to walk away when it Is your time to do so. Life moves on and you need to move it with it. Great film with memorable performances and stunning storyline.