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Short films are the most popular way to reach big audiences, which explains why they are the fastest growing section of the film industry used by big brands as well as major directors.

There has never been a more suitable time for short films especially with mobile and tablets being the perfect platforms for watching brief films. Short films were often used as a stepping-stone towards feature films, yet in the past decade, short films found a brand new identity. They connect with the younger audiences in a way that featured films fails to do as well as the fact that they require a much shorter time period and with several sites focusing on shorter films, the internet remains a great way to enjoy them. Vimeo and YouTube both offer HD quality and are the vehicle of choice for filmmakers who are eager to show off their wares.


Short films have taken a series of turns on its route to popularity and looking back to the start of cinema, audiences were unaware that all films were basically short yet moviegoers marveled at scenes that were seconds long displaying exotic cities or circus performers. What was paramount then was the thrill and novelty of witnessing the latest technology and only by the 20th-century films began to get much longer. The love of film transcends into “many other genres of entertainment”. One famous movie quote from 1995’s Casino, courtesy of casinos.co who helped us with this info states “In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all”

Edison’s Kinetoscope presented the very first short film and used a device that offered individual viewing in 1894. The most legendary film is Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat by the Lumière brothers in 1895 that saw audiences escaping as a locomotive raced towards them. By the 1900 technology and recording improvements allowed longer film producing and multi-shot films. By 1910, audience demands and studio competition started off multi -reel films, yet today advertising, getting a message across faster and films based on celebrities have ensured short films its popular place.

Hundreds of short film festivals are yearly attended by millions around the globe and short films are not only flourishing but continue to find new innovative ways to increase its every-growing audience, the biggest demand is undoubtedly the internet, showing that people prefer to bite size information which makes short films ideal.

What we have in-store for you

Our reviews offer you a vision of the most enjoyed short films, their meaning, message and most enjoyable moments in titles such as Elfante, Falling Floyd, Flo, Human Revolution, I am Tom Moody and don’t miss our interesting articles including “What are Short Films”. Films include several animated stories focused on young children, action packed appeals on first person shooting and wildlife films focused on specific animals.

Short films are the realms of imagination, a gateway to our dreams and enable everyone from all ages to enjoy a beautiful short film or learn something new when our busy lives awards a few moments of “me” time.